Rag Rugging

So my first post showing my creative work! Eeeek!


So today I took a Rag Rugging workshop in Camden. I booked this through ‘Tea and Crafting’ who host craft workshops. So having traveled across London I spent a couple of hours drinking tea and eating cake learning how to do this craft.


The tools you need.


So to start you need hessian, material, a gauge and a hook. I learnt how to cut a T-shirt to make the most of all the material using as much of it as possible.

I learnt two different methods the top one is ‘shaggy’ you use the gauge to wrap material round it and cut it so it ends in small strips and then you pull it through from the back with hook.
The other method and the second one in the picture is ‘loopy’ you have longer pieces of fabric and pull it through from the back in a line so the materials loop.


Where I got up to in class.

Once I had finished practicing I started on my ‘S’ using the ‘loopy’ method this is where I got up to in the class. I really enjoyed this class and learning the skill and was excited to get home and finish it off.


So throughout October and in between other projects I have been working away doing my ‘S’ I started doing the yellow in rows but pulled it out and did it along the out line until I filled the middle.



Here is my foam board letter ‘S’ that I also received in class I drew round it on to felt so that I could back the ‘S’. I cut the ‘S’ out and used a hot glue gun to stick the hessian round on to the foam board- you can also use a staple gun.



Once backed I used a ‘saw took hanger’ and put that in the back and nailed a hook on the wall ready for it to go up today.


Ta da! The final product hanging on my wall next to my craft tool board. I am really pleased with it and glad that I took the class to learn this new craft. I shall be teaching this to the children that I volunteer once a week with as part of Girlguiding and shall defiantly be making more rag rugging stuff. If you want to learn this you can book a workshop here


buy a kit here


or watch a You Tube Video here

Thanks for reading x


Pink or Blue?

We are expecting a baby in the family and we don’t know if it will be a boy or a girl do I have made one of each and decided to do a yellow one while I was making these.

The feet are quilled and take a while to roll, glue and dry. I really enjoy doing these little feet they are very sweet.

These are the last of my pink and blue background papers I really liked the polka dots and the starts and hearts it makes it stand out rather than just having plain paper.

Sarah x

My first blog post

So blogging is something I have wanted to do for a while now and I started on googles ‘blogger’ but never got round to getting more than one or two posts off the ground.

I have done a bit of research and decided that I would use ‘word press’ as my new platform and that I am going to stick to it this time! I want a way to share my creativity and think this will be a good way to share it.

I have spent two full days looking at You Tube videos and learning how to play around with it changing bits about before deciding to launch it. So 1st September 2016 is the day I am launching my blog.

Happy Crafting.