The Knitting & Stitching Show Alexandra Palace 2016

I was very excited to attend the Knitting and Stitching show at Alexandra Palace today. It was my first time attending the show but I have been to Alexandra Palace many times before.


Alexandra Palace


View from the Palace you can see central London.

I looked round at tall the lovely art work on display. These 3 are all made out of material. There were individual artists and students from the Royal School of Needle work.

Sashiko Coaster.

I took the Sashiko class while here. This is a Japanese art of stitching. They used to stitch lots of fabric together in repeated patterns to keep warm. The blue one is the teachers example.


This red one is mine you had to trace the design with a special pencil and paper.
I started it in the class and finished it at home i used multi coloured thread to do this so it has a rainbow colour. I have brought a set home to try and will try another one.
I have a great love of Japan and have been there twice in my time so love all Japanese arts.

Japan August 2015

Sew a pullover top.

The machine sewing a pull over top caught my eye as something I would like to try having learned how to sew from my mum and then doing some at school and college and a few other projects over the years. I wanted to reconnect with a sewing machine.

I spent 2 hours making a top and finished the last bits of at home. The teacher was really helpful and it was fun to chat to the other ladies in the group. I plan to wear it to work on Monday.


Sarah x