Moogly CAL 2017 No 1 Fantastic

I have finally finished square number 1 of the Moogly CAL this square was realised 5th January 2017.  I really enjoyed this and have learned a lot. I really want to start to learn to read patterns and this is definitely helping.

It was a real challenge and I got stuck a few times a long the way with round 4a which I asked for help on the Moogly CAL Facebook group and also on round 12 but managed to work that one out and trying again I finally got it.


Here is the finished square!

I chose the colours for the flower and then once that was finished worked out the colours for the rest of it. I will have to make sure that next time I use more of the blue and green as I used a lot of the yellow, red and orange this time.

I am really pleased with it and can’t wait to get started on the next one which has already been released.

Want to join in find out more here

and the Facebook group here

Sarah x


Moogly CAL 2017

So on the 23rd December 2016 I stumbled across the Moogly Blog for the CAL (Crochet along)

I had heard of CAL- you buy the yarn a square is released and you make the square with your yarn at the end of the year you join all the squares together.

I joined the facebook group  ( and loved all the 2016 work I was seeing and decided that I would join in and make a blanket for mine and my husbands bed.

After thinking about my colour scheme I sourced the yarn and purchased some Stylecraft Special Aran from in the following colours


The order went through on 27th December I didn’t think I would get it until the new year but it arrived on 31st Decemeber

It was really lovely to receive the yarn in these bag will keep them protected until I need them.

I decided to take a colour from each bag to have a proper look and am very pleased with the choice. I also reordered the bages putting two colours of each in one bag- this will be my working bag and the rest in the other bag to put away until I need more.


I chose the colours as red is my husbands favourite yellow is my favourite and the rest I matched into two pictures that are hanging above our bed we bought them  on our honeymoon in August.

Jamaica Honeymoon August 2015

I have hidden the yarn and plan to try and make this with out my husbands knowledge he works shifts and so gets home late in the evening and works lots of weekends so it should be easy to work around that! Then I can wrap it up and give it to him Christmas 2017.

The first square is released tomorrow and I am very excited!

Sarah x

Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year!

I think resolutions are hard to keep so I have made new year goals. These are my goals below over the year I believe they are quite manageable.


Blog once a week.

I started this blog in September and have been sporadically posting so want to make it a little more regular.

Moogly CAL 2017

I stumbled across the Moogly CAL late December and have my yarn ready to go a new pattern is released every 2 weeks starting from 5th Jan and I hope to keep up to date with it and have it ready for my husband in December.

Make all cards

I tried this year to make all my Christmas cards and was successful with this. I plan to make all birthday cards, Christmas card, new baby cards etc this year and not buy a single one!

Sew more

I went on a top making course in October and bought my own sewing machine early 2016 as my mum likes her machine for her! I haven’t used it yet I plan on making more tops on my sewing machine.

Do more cross stitch

I learned cross stitch in my early teens and did some more last year to make my husbands Christmas card. I was really pleased with it and really want to do some more.

Scrapbook Disney World Trip

I really like scrapbooking my pictures and have got slightly behind with it. We went to Disney World July 2016 and I really want to scrapbook the photos I will need to plan the papers and size of the photos and where they will go.

A kind word…

We received an Ikea jar full of cookies for Christmas and having eaten them I decided to decorate the jar .


Each day me and my husband are going to write a nice comments to each other and by 31st December we will have 365 comments and in 2018 we will pick one out every day and read it out.
This is something that I saw on Pinterest and thought it was a really nice thing to do.


What are you goals for 2017?

Sarah x