Moogly CAL 2017 No. 4 Crossed Square

I have just completed the fourth square. I really enjoyed this one it is very simple but really effective.

Just make sure you don’t forget to do a fptr (front post treble) as you are going round I had to go back a few times and pick it up again!


This is the finished square!

I decided to sort this one so that I didn’t have red, yellow or orange next to each other. I bought pegs  and wrapped samples of yarn around them so I could decide the colour order for this square.


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Sarah x

Moogly CAL 2017 No 3. Crumpets and Tea (Modified version)

So third square down. This is a modified version as the original had lots of holes and I don’t want a blanket with lots of holes in it. I can’t say that this was easy, it was very hard to work out how to sort it out to get the holes closed up and I had to re-do the green row several times until I got it right.

The white row is where there should be a lot of gaps and I filled it with double crochets.


Here is the finished square!

I think I might be re-doing the last 3 rows again at some point as it’s bunched up and I can see why but for now I think I will move on and go back to it at some point later probably near the end and see how it looks next to the next of them.

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Sarah x




Moogly CAL 2017 No 2. Danyel’s Square

I just completed the second square yesterday Danyel’s square. I really enjoyed learning the popcorn stitch and it was pretty simple pattern once I got going.

I tried to use more of the green and blue in this one and have them in the centre this time instead of the red and orange.



Here is the finished square!

while doing this square it clicked in my head how to make something that starts off as a circle finish as a square by doing three double crochets in the corner chain three and then doing another three double crochets in the same corner.

The next square was released on Thursday so will get going with that!

I’m so please I started this project as I have already picked up loads of new skills.

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Sarah x

Batman Birthday

So today is my brother’s birthday he turns 30! He asked my mum for a batman cake so I decided to  make him a batman birthday card.

I used lots of my Christmas present to make this card and really enjoyed it also had to dome some of it free hand.


My sizzix big shot plus and oval die to be the logo background. I cut the bat free hand and used outline stickers to cut round them. I really liked the distress ink hickory smoke for a cloudy background.


The houses I cut out free hand and stuck some yellow on it for the lights and lots of stick foam pads to layer it.



I am really pleased with the out come and hope that my brother likes it.
I think the outcome of the buildings and smokey back ground gives it a good effect.

Sarah x