Crafting at Ally Pally. Alexandra Palace 8.04.2017

I had a great day yesterday Crafting at Ally Pally.  I arrived before the doors opened and joined the queue. I really wanted to take part in a make and take but they always get booked up so quickly so decided I would so go and book those first before looking round.

We started filing in and you get a free show guide and bag. The first page I turned to was where the make and takes were they were all over the room at different stalls but identified by a pink dot on the floorplan.
I went to the The Stamp Hut first and signed up to a 4pm slot- the last slot available this was to learn how to use distress inks to do back grounds something I have been wanting to do for a while. I decided to try and find another one and ran to Art cuts and signed up for an 11.30am slot for wood art. I quickly walked round and decided that I was fine with the two workshops I had as I new the other techniques at the other stalls.

Wow do the workshops get booked up quickly!

I then walked around purchasing bits that I needed or hadn’t seen before there was a nice range of things to purchase and was most pleased with my quilling  bargain 6 sets of papers for £5 and I got a lot of paper!

Art Cuts.

This work shop was a lot of fun to do and I spent 30 minutes learning how to cover wood with Chiyogami papers. We decorated an egg and also got shown which inks work best on the wood.

17976376_10150795978389944_2039195335_o (1)

I purchased some papers and more wood to make some more bits with- watch this space!


The Stamp Hut.

This workshop was 1 hour and was very very useful to me I got so much out of it and the teacher was lovely really going into detail about how it works and demonstrating it clearly before you got to have a go.

17976530_10150795978509944_103150720_o (1)

The best thing about this technique is that every piece will be different. I purchased so more distress inks and a blending mat. look forward to playing around with this technique .


A few of my crafty purchases and the lovely Alexandra Palace in the sun by the time I was ready to go to the car the grass in the front was full of people enjoying the lovely day.


Sarah x


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