Glass Easter Egg Craft 2017

Happy Easter for those that celebrate.

I spent a lovely afternoon walking off my chocolate Easter egg in the local bluebell woods photographing the bluebells and my Easter craft. I saw this craft on Hobbycraft’s Instagram page. My Rangers (Part of Girlguiding) who are 14- 18 wanted to do an grown up Easter craft and when I showed them this they were very excited.

I went to the Hobbycraft blog post and made a note of all the things I needed to buy I then went to my local store and  purchased what I needed.

We used my hot glue gun to

  • glue reindeer moss to the bottom of the glass
  • glue the polystyrene eggs (they look real right!) to the mini nest
  • glue a cute little chick
  • glue paper blossoms- Daisy and Sunflower to the side
  • glue the nest to the moss

The girls really enjoyed this craft.

As you can see from the final product it looks really effective and something that I have up in house now during Easter.

I will post the link for the hobbycraft blog here go and check it out.


Sarah x

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