Aura Pullover

So this year I decided to take the plunge and make something by just reading the pattern! Everything I have made so far has either been a You-Tube video or a pattern with You- Tube as back up if I get stuck.

I had seen the Aura top posted on several Facebook crochet groups and people said they were making it and then someone asked for a link of where to buy it and I followed the link and treated myself using some of my Christmas money. (

I got my wool from Amazon using a voucher I got for Christmas and bought Special Chunky by Style Craft in Copper.


I started crocheting it on 1st January 2017. I had to ask for a little help on a Facebook crochet group as I got a little stuck and then I lost count of my rows couldn’t work out where I was and had been doing something wrong I frogged the lot and started again!


It was much better the second time around and I was a lot quicker and kept count using a piece of paper. This is the first bit done and the bottom of the top where the buttons will be.


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