Crafting at Ally Pally. Alexandra Palace 8.04.2017

I had a great day yesterday Crafting at Ally Pally.  I arrived before the doors opened and joined the queue. I really wanted to take part in a make and take but they always get booked up so quickly so decided I would so go and book those first before looking round.

We started filing in and you get a free show guide and bag. The first page I turned to was where the make and takes were they were all over the room at different stalls but identified by a pink dot on the floorplan.
I went to the The Stamp Hut first and signed up to a 4pm slot- the last slot available this was to learn how to use distress inks to do back grounds something I have been wanting to do for a while. I decided to try and find another one and ran to Art cuts and signed up for an 11.30am slot for wood art. I quickly walked round and decided that I was fine with the two workshops I had as I new the other techniques at the other stalls.

Wow do the workshops get booked up quickly!

I then walked around purchasing bits that I needed or hadn’t seen before there was a nice range of things to purchase and was most pleased with my quilling  bargain 6 sets of papers for £5 and I got a lot of paper!

Art Cuts.

This work shop was a lot of fun to do and I spent 30 minutes learning how to cover wood with Chiyogami papers. We decorated an egg and also got shown which inks work best on the wood.

17976376_10150795978389944_2039195335_o (1)

I purchased some papers and more wood to make some more bits with- watch this space!


The Stamp Hut.

This workshop was 1 hour and was very very useful to me I got so much out of it and the teacher was lovely really going into detail about how it works and demonstrating it clearly before you got to have a go.

17976530_10150795978509944_103150720_o (1)

The best thing about this technique is that every piece will be different. I purchased so more distress inks and a blending mat. look forward to playing around with this technique .


A few of my crafty purchases and the lovely Alexandra Palace in the sun by the time I was ready to go to the car the grass in the front was full of people enjoying the lovely day.


Sarah x


The Knitting and Stitching Show- Kensington Olympia 5.03.2017

So within the first month on 2017 I had booked myself into several craft shows. I really enjoy going to them and seeing the exhibitions and trying out a workshop or two…

The first one I attended this year was The Knitting and Stitching Show- Kensington Olympia Sunday 5th March 2017.

I kicked off the year with The Knitting and Stitching show. I decided to book myself on a cross stitch workshop and was very excited about this having just got back into cross stitching recently and it was one of my New Year Goals.
I met some lovely ladies from the Cross Stitch Guild and was taught some new stitches and given a pack to finish at home this was on Linen material instead of Aida which is what I am used to was nice to be pushed out of my comfort zone and I quickly picked it up. you can see where I got up to in the top right picture.


So I had to not only get across London on the tube I also had to find a local bus when I got there to take me the rest of the way as all the tubes running to Kensington (Olympia) station were closed for upgrade works and with 4 shows at Olympia London a lot of people were looking a little lots like me! Luckily I had an app on my phone and could follow my journey on the bus so I knew when to get off.

The exhibits there were lovely they had lots up on the wall by various different artists this one (top right) was one of my favourites probably because I am a fan of orange.
The Butterfly garden which was a charity piece (bottom left) was made by the Louise Hamilton Knit and Yarn Group with the help of the Norfolk Knitters and Stitchers. It took 15 ladies 4 years to make which is amazing it was so detailed and raised money for The Louise Hamilton Trust

Lastly I couldn’t walk away empty handed and bought a few lovely things from the show including dress making patterns, Bow maker with DVD and free bows, needles, stitch markers as the cheap ones I bought online are breaking, stencil and pallet knifes for my glitter glue and my favourite buy a pair of scissors off the Cross Stitch Guild that fit my big thumb!

Sarah x

Stitching, Sewing and Hobby Craft Show- London ExCel 2016

So I got another two free ticket to this show having been in the past. I took my mum to the show and we had a great time. She got some yarn for her knitting and I got various bits.


I got lots of lovely papers some Christmas ones and the spotty ones that I will use for future baby cards.

Managed to get some different skin tone Promarkers and nabbed the last black which I desperately need to use for hair. I also got some lovely material that I will use to make more tops. Most of the bits will be used on Christmas cards and I look forward to using them.

I always enjoying walking round these shows and having some me time if I go on my own or time with my mum if I go with her.

Sarah x

The Knitting & Stitching Show Alexandra Palace 2016

I was very excited to attend the Knitting and Stitching show at Alexandra Palace today. It was my first time attending the show but I have been to Alexandra Palace many times before.


Alexandra Palace


View from the Palace you can see central London.

I looked round at tall the lovely art work on display. These 3 are all made out of material. There were individual artists and students from the Royal School of Needle work.

Sashiko Coaster.

I took the Sashiko class while here. This is a Japanese art of stitching. They used to stitch lots of fabric together in repeated patterns to keep warm. The blue one is the teachers example.


This red one is mine you had to trace the design with a special pencil and paper.
I started it in the class and finished it at home i used multi coloured thread to do this so it has a rainbow colour. I have brought a set home to try and will try another one.
I have a great love of Japan and have been there twice in my time so love all Japanese arts.

Japan August 2015

Sew a pullover top.

The machine sewing a pull over top caught my eye as something I would like to try having learned how to sew from my mum and then doing some at school and college and a few other projects over the years. I wanted to reconnect with a sewing machine.

I spent 2 hours making a top and finished the last bits of at home. The teacher was really helpful and it was fun to chat to the other ladies in the group. I plan to wear it to work on Monday.


Sarah x