Aura Pullover

So this year I decided to take the plunge and make something by just reading the pattern! Everything I have made so far has either been a You-Tube video or a pattern with You- Tube as back up if I get stuck.

I had seen the Aura top posted on several Facebook crochet groups and people said they were making it and then someone asked for a link of where to buy it and I followed the link and treated myself using some of my Christmas money. (

I got my wool from Amazon using a voucher I got for Christmas and bought Special Chunky by Style Craft in Copper.


I started crocheting it on 1st January 2017. I had to ask for a little help on a Facebook crochet group as I got a little stuck and then I lost count of my rows couldn’t work out where I was and had been doing something wrong I frogged the lot and started again!


It was much better the second time around and I was a lot quicker and kept count using a piece of paper. This is the first bit done and the bottom of the top where the buttons will be.



Moogly CAL 2017 No. 4 Crossed Square

I have just completed the fourth square. I really enjoyed this one it is very simple but really effective.

Just make sure you don’t forget to do a fptr (front post treble) as you are going round I had to go back a few times and pick it up again!


This is the finished square!

I decided to sort this one so that I didn’t have red, yellow or orange next to each other. I bought pegs  and wrapped samples of yarn around them so I could decide the colour order for this square.


Want to join in find out more here

and the facebook group here

Sarah x

Moogly CAL 2017 No 3. Crumpets and Tea (Modified version)

So third square down. This is a modified version as the original had lots of holes and I don’t want a blanket with lots of holes in it. I can’t say that this was easy, it was very hard to work out how to sort it out to get the holes closed up and I had to re-do the green row several times until I got it right.

The white row is where there should be a lot of gaps and I filled it with double crochets.


Here is the finished square!

I think I might be re-doing the last 3 rows again at some point as it’s bunched up and I can see why but for now I think I will move on and go back to it at some point later probably near the end and see how it looks next to the next of them.

Want to find out more here

and the Facebook group here

Sarah x




Moogly CAL 2017 No 2. Danyel’s Square

I just completed the second square yesterday Danyel’s square. I really enjoyed learning the popcorn stitch and it was pretty simple pattern once I got going.

I tried to use more of the green and blue in this one and have them in the centre this time instead of the red and orange.



Here is the finished square!

while doing this square it clicked in my head how to make something that starts off as a circle finish as a square by doing three double crochets in the corner chain three and then doing another three double crochets in the same corner.

The next square was released on Thursday so will get going with that!

I’m so please I started this project as I have already picked up loads of new skills.

Want to join in find out more here

and the facebook group here


Sarah x

Moogly CAL 2017 No 1 Fantastic

I have finally finished square number 1 of the Moogly CAL this square was realised 5th January 2017.  I really enjoyed this and have learned a lot. I really want to start to learn to read patterns and this is definitely helping.

It was a real challenge and I got stuck a few times a long the way with round 4a which I asked for help on the Moogly CAL Facebook group and also on round 12 but managed to work that one out and trying again I finally got it.


Here is the finished square!

I chose the colours for the flower and then once that was finished worked out the colours for the rest of it. I will have to make sure that next time I use more of the blue and green as I used a lot of the yellow, red and orange this time.

I am really pleased with it and can’t wait to get started on the next one which has already been released.

Want to join in find out more here

and the Facebook group here

Sarah x

Moogly CAL 2017

So on the 23rd December 2016 I stumbled across the Moogly Blog for the CAL (Crochet along)

I had heard of CAL- you buy the yarn a square is released and you make the square with your yarn at the end of the year you join all the squares together.

I joined the facebook group  ( and loved all the 2016 work I was seeing and decided that I would join in and make a blanket for mine and my husbands bed.

After thinking about my colour scheme I sourced the yarn and purchased some Stylecraft Special Aran from in the following colours


The order went through on 27th December I didn’t think I would get it until the new year but it arrived on 31st Decemeber

It was really lovely to receive the yarn in these bag will keep them protected until I need them.

I decided to take a colour from each bag to have a proper look and am very pleased with the choice. I also reordered the bages putting two colours of each in one bag- this will be my working bag and the rest in the other bag to put away until I need more.


I chose the colours as red is my husbands favourite yellow is my favourite and the rest I matched into two pictures that are hanging above our bed we bought them  on our honeymoon in August.

Jamaica Honeymoon August 2015

I have hidden the yarn and plan to try and make this with out my husbands knowledge he works shifts and so gets home late in the evening and works lots of weekends so it should be easy to work around that! Then I can wrap it up and give it to him Christmas 2017.

The first square is released tomorrow and I am very excited!

Sarah x

Highline Super Scarf

When I was at the Knitting and Stitching show at Alexandra Palace I bought some Stylecraft super chunky special XL in grey. I purchased three balls as I wanted to make my husband a scarf for Christmas.



I started to make it in the middle of November using a 10mm hook but got so busy with other things.


I picked it back up on 23rd December and finished it on 24th December just in time! Once I got going it was really easy pattern and I made it while watching several films.


My husband thinks its very cosy and has been wearing it at work when he is outside to keep him warm. It wraps round him a fair few times I made it very long as he is 6’5.

Mini version.

I had a bit of yarn left over and my friend was visiting with her 18 month old daughter on 29th December so made a mini version of the scarf for her daughter. I added a button to the scarf so that the scarf will stay on.
My friend hadn’t bought her daughter a scarf yet and she looked very cute in it!


I used this video to get going but once I got started I didnt need it.

Sarah x