Daily Marker challenge November 2016

So I stumbled across ‘The Daily Marker Challenge’ on Instagram and decided to give it ago you colour one image a day for all of November.


I have a fair selection of pro markers and used it to practice my colouring and make a few Birthday and Christmas cards. I found it a really fun challenge and very therapeutic to colour for 30 minutes every day after I got home from work.


Days 1-5

Day 1-5
I started the first five with images that I already had stamped.


Day 6

Day 6

I used day 6 to make a birthday card for my friend I used her favourite colour purple to colour in the Gorjuss girl and coordinate with background papers.


Days 7-11

Day 7-11

On day eight I used the first ever stamp that I bought and it is a wooden stamp as most of my stamps are now clear stamps. When I first got it I had whisper pens and had never even heard of a pro marker! The stamp is about 10 years old.


days 12-20

Day 12-20

I started making Christmas cards 6 of these are for leaders that volunteer with me at Girlguiding others are for family members.


days 21-24

Day 21-24

I purchased some more Gorjuss girl stamps at the Stitching, Sewing and Hobbycraft show at the Excel in London. I had a really great time colouring them. I need to get  some fine nibs to add to the tops of my pens to colour in small spaces.


Days 25-30

Day 25-30

I used the last 6 days to make more Christmas cards. These little stamps are all really cute.

I really enjoyed taking part in this challenge and will definitely take part in the next one it is great to set time for things that you enjoy doing as sometimes you can get so lost in other things you can forget.

If you want to take part you can find more about it here http://www.thedailymarker.com/
and join in on Instagram

Sarah x